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Our largest project, New Settlement Apartments in the Mount Eden section of the Bronx, began 21 years ago with the acquisition and renovation of 15 abandoned buildings, the construction of a new building, and most recently, the acquisition of a 17th building to create 1,022 affordable homes for more than 3,500 people, 30% of whom are formerly homeless.  The combination of scale and favorable financing transformed one of the worst areas of New York City into a vibrant mixed-income neighborhood. Under the leadership of Jack Doyle, Executive Director, and Anne Lindgren, Board Chair, New Settlement has become a thriving community with programs like the College Access Center and the Parent Action Committee, which provide important resources to the neighborhood's youth and families.

New Settlement has a consistent track record in neighborhood revitalization and community building. New Settlement collaborates closely with a wide range of educational institutions, housing and community development organizations, businesses, youth development and social service agencies — in the neighborhood, Bronx-wide, across NYC and State, and nationally. The programs at New Settlement are funded by local, state and federal government agencies, as well as corporate, foundation and individual supporters.

Most recently, Settlement Housing Fund and New Settlement collaborated with the NYC School Construction Authority and Department of Education on the development of a 172,000 sq. ft. facility that includes a new pre-K through 12th grade public school and an attached community center with dance studios, classrooms, art gallery space, an outdoor amphitheater and roof garden, and a 75-foot five-lane swimming pool (link below).  This innovative, state-of-the-art Community Campus will address both the need to alleviate overcrowded schools and the need for space to accommodate expansion and enhancement of New Settlement’s community programs for youth and families. The New Settlement Community Campus opened in September 2012.

Settlement Housing Fund is adding to the New Settlement Apartment community; we recently received an award of 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the State of New York.  We are building a 60 units building on what has been a parking lot for New Settlement staff.  The project embodies SHF's commitment to the creation of a housing continuum - it includes units for formerly homeless families, very low income households, through moderate incomes.  We expect to start construction in the summer of 2015.




Jack Doyle, Executive Director


New Settlement Apartments

1512 Townsend Avenue

Bronx, NY  10452









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