Building strong neighborhoods with affordable housing and community programs


Settlement Housing Fund has developed over 8,700 apartments in 57 projects throughout New York City. Our buildings have included housing for the elderly, permanent and transitional buildings for the homeless, housing for people living with AIDS, rental housing, cooperatives and condominiums, ranging in size from 3 to 893 units. The buildings that we own are mixed-income multi-family developments in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan. 

We pursue opportunities to develop affordable housing and rebuild communities. SHF developments reflect a housing continuum, addressing the needs of a range of New Yorkers. This includes shelter for homeless families, apartments for very low income households, through moderate income units.  We expect to keep our buildings permanently affordable, and take this commitment seriously, as we vigilantly implement measures to assure a long, healthy life for the buildings we develop.

We have an active pipeline of development projects underway or in the planning phase that will create more affordable housing and amenities in neighborhoods across the city. 




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