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Semiperm is a unique single-parent residential community created by Settlement Housing Fund in 2007.  Located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, this transformational housing program provides housing and supportive services to 23 formerly homeless single parents and their children in a community setting. Semiperm is the only intermediate term housing in New York City geared to homeless, single parents requiring them to be employed or in school, while obtaining the skills needed to live independently.  Our programming is focused on meeting the needs of each individual family, and we partner with volunteers, other organizations and city agencies to provide services and referrals for the residents and their children.

All of Semiperm’s families receive individual counseling and group instruction designed to help the parents build skills and achieve employment and education milestones.  Our on-site staff, who have extensive experience working with homeless families, meet with each resident regularly, using task-centered counseling to help them create achievable concrete goals.  Monthly, building-wide workshops promote community among the tenants and reinforce the supportive environment fostered by the Semiperm staff.  We also offer weekly classes on a wide variety of subjects including financial literacy, nutrition, and health care, and have built partnerships with neighboring community based programs offering parenting workshops, employment training, physical and psychological health services, and credit and legal assistance.  Additional educational and recreational programs are offered to the children of Semiperm. 

When they are ready to graduate from the program, these families have priority for vacancies in Settlement Housing Fund’s permanent housing developments. Our staff maintain contact with the parents and work closely with neighborhood program providers, the schools and block associations to assure that their transition to permanent housing goes smoothly. 


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