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Semiperm Housing

Semiperm provides apartments and supportive services for 23 formerly homeless single parents and their children. This innovative program is tailored to families who need more assistance than six months in a shelter, and encourages parents who are committed to reaching their goals to stay for two to five years. During this time, participants develop skills to advance their education and employment success, and to achieve self-sufficiency. Semiperm provides group programming and assistance on a wide variety of subjects including financial literacy, nutrition, and health care. Partnerships with neighboring community based programs offer parenting workshops, employment training, physical and psychological health services, and credit and legal assistance.There is a variety of tutoring, literacy and other educational and recreational activities for the children in residence. When they are ready to leave Semiperm, families are referred for vacancies in Settlement Housing Fund's permanent housing developments and others throughout the city.

Semiperm was made possible through New York City’s Inclusionary Zoning Program and has received support from the Sirus Fund, the Vincent Mulford Foundation, The Butler Family Fund, the TD Charitable Foundation, the Citi Foundation, The Hyde & Watson Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation, Hearts of Gold, Goldman Sachs Teamworks, Community Service Society, Bloomingdale Aging in Place, and the Office of the Manhattan Borough President. 


Semiperm Housing & Resident Engagement Services

210 W. 102nd Street

New York, NY  10025


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