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Two Bridges

Two Bridges Tower is a 198 unit building located between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges on South Street in Manhattan. Settlement Housing Fund developed Two Bridges Tower with the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council.  The project integrates formerly homeless and working families of low- to moderate-income, an on-site after-school program for children, and community programs run by a neighborhood settlement house in the building's community space.

The Tower is part of the larger Two Bridges Urban Renewal Area. Settlement Housing Fund, along with our partner Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, was actively involved in developing 1,350 apartments across six sites in the Urban Renewal Area, including Two Bridges Tower. Today this corner of the Lower East Side epitomizes both the diversity and ever-changing nature of the New York City real estate market.  Public housing, privately owned affordable housing, and hundred year-old walk ups surround what will be luxury apartments built by market-rate developers.  As the neighborhood continues to change, Settlement Housing Fund will play an active role in planning and development to maxmize affordability and protect existing residents.


Marylin Engstler, Property Manager 

Two Bridges Tower

80 Rutgers Slip & 82 Rutgers Slip

New York, NY  10002


[email protected]



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