1561 Walton

1561 Walton Avenue, Bronx


Units: 60

Residents: low- and moderate- income; 8 households with previous experience of homelessness

Partners: The Briarwood Organization, ESKW/Architects

1561 Walton Avenue is Settlement Housing’s latest affordable housing development at New Settlement Apartments in the southwest Bronx, where we now own 19 residential buildings with 1,139 units, including 30% set aside for families experiencing homelessness.

The project, co-developed with The Briarwood Organization and designed by ESKW/Architects, creates 60 new units of high quality, energy efficient affordable housing for households earning from 40% to 90% of area median income, as well as for 9 homeless families, with additional outdoor and community program space.

The building expands access to affordable housing in Mt. Eden and continues Settlement Housing Fund’s mission to create quality permanent housing for mixed income households and homeless families. 1561 Walton also launches a new affordable housing development pipeline to help meet the community’s need for deeper affordability in an area bordering the Jerome Avenue rezoning district.