By the Numbers

Through nonprofit affiliates, Settlement Housing Fund currently owns 35 buildings with 1,978 apartments in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our largest concentration of housing and programs is in the Mt. Eden section of the Bronx, where a newly constructed affordable housing development and a recent acquisition brings the total number of buildings we own there to 19.

We also recently completed a major rehabilitation project, which upgraded kitchens and bathrooms in 893 units of the original 14 buildings at New Settlement, making the buildings more energy efficient, with systems upgrades that include the largest solar panel installation on a privately owned affordable housing development in New York City. The buildings will remain affordable for at least another 60 years and will continue to set aside 30 percent of apartments for formerly homeless families.


affordable housing units created and preserved


low- and moderate- income families placed into affordable housing


of our units in current buildings and housing in-development are set aside for families previously experiencing homelessness


affordable housing developments


new and rehabilitated units in our development pipeline will provide additional affordable housing and services