Our Staff

Alexa Sewell, President

Richard Johns, Chief Operating Officer

Jacqueline Tom, General Counsel

Kristen Andreazza, Chief Financial Officer

Mohamed Khalifa, Assistant Controller

Veronica Chen, Senior Project Bookkeeper

John Brenner, Legal Assistant

Michelle Jimenez, Director of Human Resources

Sheila Carpenter, Director of Government Grants Management & General Services

Crystal Tatum, Administrative Assistant

Katharine McAulay, Director of Development & Communications

Alicia Cepeda, Development & Communications Associate

Judy Herbstman, Vice President of Real Estate

Michael Gaboury, Director of Real Estate Development

Grace Alster, Director of Real Estate Operations

Samantha Alston, Deputy Director of Real Estate Development

Samuel Birnbaum, Senior Project Manager

Eliot Hetterly, Senior Project Manager

Jocelyn Torio, Senior Project Manager

Danerys Peña, Assistant Project Manager

Javon Brown, Asset Manager

Liz Henderson, Director of Strategic Programs and Engagement

Kashana Heath-Garcia, Program Director of Semiperm

Anyeri Caro, Resident Engagement Program Director

Noel Gonzales, Assistant Resident Engagement Program Director

Jennifer M. Reich, Resident Engagement Counselor

Jessica Gago, Resident Engagement Advocate

Patricia Jimenez, Resident Engagement Advocate

Gino F. Liardo, Resident Engagement Advocate

Penny McNeil, Resident Engagement Advocate

Euly Santos, Resident Engagement Advocate

Andreina Ureña Sosa, Resident Engagement Advocate

Delia Suarez, Resident Engagement Advocate

Caitlin Thomas, Resident Engagement Advocate

Carol Thomas, Building Superintendent

Mildred Flores, Director of Marketing

Amanda Chichester, Deputy Director of Marketing

Daniel Rodriguez, Office Manager

Suji Shin, Senior Database Manager

Concepcion Cordova, Project Manager

Nardia Daniel, Project Manager

Jordan Bell, Project Manager

Anny Medrano, Assistant Project Manager

Dicla Guerrero, Assistant Project Manager

Lizette Romulus, Housing Compliance Manager

Camille Sammartino, Senior Housing Compliance Specialist

Fabienne Saintina, Housing Compliance Specialist

Liz Pizarro, Housing Compliance Specialist

Carmen Castillo, Deputy Director of Compliance

Allayah Browne, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Lynette Duran, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Antova Herbert, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Diana Marseil, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Desiree Pagan, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Yolanda Robertson, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Cindy Ricknauth, Housing Eligibility Specialist

Gladis Norena, Junior Housing Eligibility Specialist

Sally Schmidt, Junior Housing Eligibility Specialist

Melissa Diaz, Housing Eligibility Assistant

Nyliah Bodden, Senior Administrative Assistant