Resident Engagement Services

Our Resident Engagement Services program expanded in 2020 to meet the housing stability needs of families in the Bronx who were living temporarily at former “cluster site” apartments leased by the Department of Homeless Services. Settlement Housing Fund was selected as one of the nonprofits to manage, and ultimately acquire and rehabilitate, several of these properties, returning temporary units to permanent housing and reducing the number of families who are homeless.

In eight buildings, over 230 qualified households were given leases and connected with our Resident Engagement Services team to help them transition successfully from shelter status to being permanently housed. The team includes Settlement Housing’s Director of Community Programs, a Director, Assistant Director, two Supervisors/Counselors, and seven Resident Advocates, with support from property managers, housing coordinators, and community-based referrals. The team also includes the staff at our Semiperm residence, which provides housing and support to single parents and children transitioning from shelter stays.

The program helps residents identify issues that are known to disrupt housing permanency and develop plans to find resolutions. The Resident Engagement team provides in-depth assessment, conferring with each family to review their financial position, and income sources including housing supplements or subsidies.

The staff offers mediation in close coordination with DSS/HRA, across the following areas, but not limited to housing, finances, food resources and availability, medical and mental health services, ACS, and substance use treatment. Services include outreach and engagement, community events, and one on one counseling to resolve issues related to housing, childcare, employment, public assistance, money management, and adjusting to a new community.

Members of our resident engagement teams also support families at Semiperm, a unique single-parent community created by Settlement Housing Fund. Located on the Upper West Side, this two-to five-year housing program offers single parents and their children a transitional option for moving out of a shelter. The housing is designed for parents to self-identify goals that will allow them to create pathways to permanent housing. Goals commonly include completing education/degrees, obtaining professional certifications, seeking full time employment, and repairing credit or other financial issues.

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